Driving Tips that will keep you and other Road Users Safe

Driving Tips that will keep you and other Road Users Safe

Vehicles are essential as they make our lives easy.

With a private car, movement is seamless no matter the time of the day. Whereas owning a car comes with many perks, it can as well cause a lot of harm if you do not practice safe driving. While driving at night is dangerous, day time driving is not safe either. Therefore, you need to practice day driving safety precautions for not only your safety but to keep other road users safe. Below are some day driving safety tips. 


1. Inspect your car 


Before you step on the gas, it is crucial to inspect your car. This is everyday basic inspection but will keep you safe. First, check whether all the lights are working. Check the brake lights, turn signals, fog lights, and headlights. Working lights will enhance your safety in many ways. For instance, when you press on the breaks, you want drivers behind you to know and act accordingly. The turn signals also come in handy as they alert other drivers when you are about to make a turn. Besides the lights, also check your brakes and wipers. Only start driving when every car safety feature is working. 


2. Avoid destructions 


With modern technology, it is easy to be distracted while driving. For instance, you may be tempted to make a call, reply to a text message or tune your radio. All these are distractions that will affect your judgement when driving. For your safety and to keep other road users safe, avoid multitasking. Taking your attention off the road is dangerous. Have your full attention on the road, and this will keep you and other road users safe. 


3. Practice defensive driving  


When driving, it is vital to keep an eye on drivers around you. This is because their behavior on the road affects your safety. For instance, some drivers will do stupid things and react differently to emergencies and road signs. Also, you might realize some are drunk driving. Other drivers are road bullies and want to overlap anyhow. For your safety, keep a safe distance and call 911 if you note terrible driving behaviors such as drunk driving, drowsy driving, and speeding drivers.  


4. Keep your distance and observe traffic rules 


When driving during the day, always keep a distance. Tailgating is dangerous and can result in accidents in case of emergency braking. You should maintain three seconds distance when driving in good weather and 6 seconds in bad weather. This ensures you have enough time to act in case of an emergency. Also, it is essential to observe traffic rules. Respond to all signs accordingly as well as speed limits. This keeps everyone safe. Lastly, it is important to avoid driving under the influence. Observing traffic rules is the best way to be safe on the road.  




Safe driving is a collective responsibility. Play your part and let us make driving safe and fun. Safe driving will not only keep you safe but also keep you off trouble with traffic police. 

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