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Car window shades protect from heat and UV rays

Car window shades are one of the most inexpensive ways to protect the appearance of your car. We all know how unpleasant hot summer days can be. A few minutes in the sweltering heat can put incredible stress on people and pets. It can also be equally tough on your vehicle’s interior. Companies such as Dash Designs, Covercraft, and Weathertech make high-quality products that can keep the sun out and your vehicle’s resale value intact.

Depending on how hot it is outside and the amount of sunlight your car, truck or SUV is exposed to, the temperature inside can reach up to 180 degrees. This is hot enough to burn the back of your legs when you sit on vinyl and leather car seats. It can also cause those same seats, as well as the dashboard of your vehicle to crack and fade over time. A sun visor can keep you comfortable in even the hottest conditions while maintaining the attractiveness of your vehicle’s interior.

Heat combined with UV rays can prematurely age your upholstery, dash, and other surfaces. Cracking, drying, and fading can occur, which dramatically reduces the value of your vehicle. Car window shades block out the sun which keeps the inside of your car cooler and less susceptible to damage.

UV rays can also cause major damage to your windshield. When your dashboard is exposed to extreme heat, the chemicals released by the sun can create a film on your car’s windows that not only looks ugly but can be dangerous too. By decreasing visibility, the permanently foggy appearance of your windshield can create a serious safety hazard. Sun shields keep you safe by preventing your car windows from turning cloudy.

Sun shades couldn’t be easier to install. After you park your vehicle, simply place the visor behind your windshield. Once the UV rays are blocked you can expect your car’s interior to be up to 50 degrees cooler. The reflective outer surface of these shades don’t just block the sun’s rays, they deflect them.Sun visors stay in place and are easily folded up and stored away when not in use.

If snow is a bigger weather challenge in your area than sun and heat you may be in need of something to keep the ice off your windows rather than deflecting UV rays. Snow shields work on the same basic principle as car window shades but attach to the outside of your vehicle. With a snow shield, you can forget about of one winter’s most dreaded chores; scraping snow and ice off your windshield. This simple, affordable solution to wintry precipitation will save you time and effort by keeping your car windows clear.

Car window shades and snow shields are two of the simplest ways to preserve the value of your vehicle and improve visibility in a variety of weather conditions. Both are easy to use and offer complete