Fender Trim



Auto Something Custom Fender Flares

Fender Trim is a custom automotive accessory that is just what the doctor prescribed for your vehicle.  Regardless of whether or not your vehicle sticks to smooth, paved surfaces or heads off the beaten path, with just the turn of the tire, you may face harmful road debris.  Therefore, it is imperative that you safeguard your vehicle’s exterior with the incorporation of fender trim.  The product is available in a number of styles that have been designed for a variant of purposes, from pocket-style that are able to add appeal to the wheel well to extra wide for maximized wheel coverage.


Universal Wheel Guards

Fender flares has been engineered for a precision-fit for your respective car, truck or SUV.  Additionally, they are available for the vast majority of vehicles that current graces the roadways and they are quite simple to install.  During the installation process, there is no need for drilling or cutting or any manner of specialized tools.  Simply match-up the pre-dilled OEM openings and proceed with the installation of the product.

This is one of the car accessories here at AutoSomething.com that is able to deliver a smooth, even line.  The shape and style of  wheel guards has been perfectly matched as well as contoured to your vehicle affording an exceptional fit the very first time.  It does need to be noted that fender flares is outfitted with UV safe rubber seals.  There are no ugly lines or gaps once installation has been completed.


Fender Trim For Trucks

Included within the purchase of the trim is the stainless steel mounting hardware.  Within moments, your vehicle will find itself increased in functionality as well as style.  Stainless steel wheel guards is available for virtually every vehicle that one can imagine and is able to expressly prevent damage to the exterior that can result from daily driving.

With that being said, do not hesitant any longer.  Thoroughly protect your mobile investment with the purchase of fender flares today.