Dash Mats

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Dash mats are one of the best investments you can make in your vehicle. An enclosed automobile can heat up to 180 degrees during the summer. That kind of heat, when combined with exposure to direct sunlight can lead to your dash cracking, warping or fading. This makes your car, truck or SUV look unattractive and reduces the resale value. Would you buy a vehicle with a dashboard that looks like it’s ready to fall apart? If the answer is no, you need a dash cover.


Protection from UV rays

Fortunately, it is easy to protect your dash from the sun’s destructive UV rays. Manufacturers like Husky and Weathertech make stylish, easy to install dash mats that can keep your ride looking great. The design of these mats allows them to fit around sensors, buttons, and air vents. They are no fuss to install; you remove the velcro and apply them to your dashboard. Even better, high-quality dash mats are affordable. Compared to the cost and hassle of actually replacing the dashboard in your vehicle, the cost of a dash cover is negligible.



Sun damaged dashboards aren’t just ugly, they can also reduce visibility. Through a process called Plasticizer Migration, the release of a chemical residue can leave your windshield looking hazy, making it difficult to see through. Once the damage is done, no amount of cleaning can take care of the problem. Unlike plastic dashboards, dash mats come in a variety of safe, durable materials that don’t contain the chemicals that can leave your windows looking foggy.


Cover up ugly dashboards

Dash mats aren’t only a preventative measure. Even if your dash is already cracked, warped or faded, your vehicle can still benefit from a high-quality dash mat. Install the cover over your cracked or faded dashboard and no one will ever notice the damage. You’ll also be preventing any further harm.


Custom Dash Mats

Dash mats don’t have to be generic. You can find protection for your dashboard which reflects your unique personality and blends naturally with your vehicle. Covecraft, CoverKing, Dash Designs, and DashMat can customize your mat with monograms, logos, patterns, and designs. You can find premium dash covers that match the color of your vehicle’s interior.

Don’t allow the value of your car, truck or SUV fade. Protect your investment with a quality dashboard mat. This can ensure your interior continues to look great and keeps you safe behind the wheel.