Dust Shields


Designed to permanently keep car wheels shiny clean
Fits inside the wheel just like an inside hub cab
Keeps brake dust from settling on the wheels
Installation is simple, no tools
>Heat escapes from inside wheel
Made in USA

Kleen Wheels Dust Shields helps drivers get the most from their vehicle . Designed to keep black brake dust off of rims and alloy wheels.
You will never have to scrub your wheels again, keeps wheels shiny like new and protects from damaging brake dust.
Available for most vehicles, including aftermarket wheels. Fits right inside the wheel like a hub cap. Air vents in the dust
shield allow for adequate ventilation of the brakes.

Kleen Wheels Dust Shields are made in the USA from a single piece of aricraft grade no maintenance aluminium coated with a lifetime matte black
finish. Easy installation, no tools. The dust shield insert fits neatly within the inside of each wheel and protects the
finish from the harmful brake dust that is released by your brake pads. And will not interfer with any operation of the brakes
or suspension. Custom made for your vehicle just provide your wheel size and you wheel style, look at the last digit on your tire for the wheel