LUXE Carpet Luxury Floor Mats


Ultimate comfort and long-lasting luxury come together in our LUXE Carpet Luxury Floor Mats. This is pure driving pleasure, instantly upgrading any floor area with a thick, luscious, long weave that feels wonderful to the touch.

A non-skid backing with a soft urethane core adds both total safety and extra cushioning while also absorbing and diminishing outside road noise. Just one touch, and you’ll never settle for anything less.

Our LUXE floor mats include:

  • Plush premium nylon yarn at 48-oz. per yard
  • Durable continuous weave that won’t come undone
  • Carpet pile depth of half an inch
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Full customization options, including 11 colors, authentic manufacturer logos, and personalized text
  • Compatibility with existing anchor points or custom Lloyd Mat slip-free hook solution

The magic touch of LUXE starts with the carpet. We’ve selected the thickest, heaviest, most luxurious yarn possible for our deluxe car mats, giving it a depth profile of half an inch so your feet really sink in.

Our deep floor mats are available for every area of your car or truck, including all three seating rows and cargo areas. If you’re looking for a custom carpet floor mat that truly reflects you and your vehicle, we’ve got a near-limitless array of personalization options.

Choose from 11 stylish colors, and then add embroidered, iconic manufacturer logos or custom text as you wish.

Want to know what luxury really feels like? Enter your vehicle’s details below to order!