Northridge Mats


Available from Lloyd, Northridge floor mats protect your vehicle’s interior from moisture, dirt, and spills in any kind of weather. These rubberized vinyl car mats capture moisture instead of letting it flow across surfaces like liners and trays, and they maintain their integrity regardless of the temperature. Suited for installation in passenger and cargo areas, these all-weather mats can be found in custom-fit selections for your vehicle’s make and model.

Features Include:

  • Precise, custom fit thanks to computer design and automated cutting techniques
  • Maximum coverage for complete protection of interior surfaces
  • Surface channels to confine moisture and debris until cleaning
  • Synthetic rubber that’s remains flexible when cold and firm when warm
  • Proprietary anchors or factory-compatible safety anchors
  • Molded non-skid nib backing to avoid slippage
  • Single-piece mats that are easy to remove and clean
  • Available in clear and seven other colors
  • Covered under a 4-year warranty

These all-weather rubber floor mats keep all kinds of dirt away from your vehicle’s carpeting, saving the time of cleaning it. Often, you don’t realize how dirty your shoes are, and you don’t always have the time to sop up a minor spill, but all-weather car mats from Lloyd Mats Store offer the protection you need.

Temperature-resistant and anchored in place, they’re perfect for use in summer and winter.