Ultimat Custom Carpet Floor Mats


Lloyd Mats has been manufacturing custom car carpet products since 1978 and continues to produce automobile car mats for virtually all sedans, trucks, and SUVs.

The Ultimat got its beginning as Lloyd’s original Custom Automotive Carpet Mat, and with almost four decades of continuous improvement and modern engineering design, the Ultimat remains unmatched.

Like our other custom car mats, the Ultimat features custom patterns with a large selection of colors, trademark emblems and designs to choose from.

Each of our mats features:

  • Premium continuous filament nylon at 32 oz. per yard; the high-density, two-ply, heat-set weave gives Lloyd Mats remarkable bulk and density.
  • The ability to choose from 30 original factory colors for your floor mat.
  • A choice of hundreds of trademark emblems as well as personalization options.
  • A matching and continuous cloth edge that won’t unravel under normal wear and tear.
  • Lloyd's proprietary anchors that are factory compatible and help keep the floor mats from slipping and sliding.
  • A five-year warranty.
Overall, the Ultimat offer great style and function. Order a custom car carpet mat for your vehicle by designing your custom mat right here!