Dash Mats

Want your vehicle to look old and tattered? Allow the dashboard to become cracked. This happens because of the intense heat that derives from the greenhouse effect in combination with UV light that is produced by the sun penetrating a closed vehicle. The combination caused the dash to fade in color as it begins to crack and warp. This can be prevented and existing flaws can be covered with the use of a dash mat car covers.
AutoSomething.com supplies consumers with dash covers that are custom made for their vehicles which offer simplistic installation, a choice of colors and materials as well as a styling and durable appearance. Did you know that on a summer’s day the temperature of your dashboard can reach upwards of 180 degrees F? This amount of heat dries out the materials used to construct the dash and will eventually lead it to crack and discolor. In addition, the heat will force chemicals to outgas from the materials and a haze will begin to form on the windshield of your car. Do you really want an aged dash and hazardous visibility? No?
Dashboard car covers from AutoSomething.com will prevent the formation of windshield haze while offering impeccable protection for your car’s dashboard. There is absolutely no reason for the resale value of your vehicle to be reduced because of the sun and its UV rays. The vast majority of the mats that we sell are attached with ease due to Velcro, therefore it can move forward with you to your next vehicle.

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