Seat Covers

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No matter how careful you are, eventually you’re going to spill something in your vehicle. Whether it’s coffee, a soft drink or food, it inevitably seems to end up on the seats. Over time, you can end up with stains that leave the inside of your car, truck, mini-van or SUV looking dirty and dingy. Being proactive is the best solution. Car seat covers offer a layer of protection while improving the look of your interior.


Available for every make and model

Car seat covers are available for every make and model of vehicle. Just slip the covers over your seats, secure them and you’re ready to go. The covers fit snugly around features such as mounted airbags, lumbar support, power adjustment switches, armrests, and headrests. Not only are your seats protected from spills, they are also shielded from the sun and everyday wear and tear. Once you are ready to sell your vehicle, you are left with pristine seats that look as good as the day you bought it.


Upgrade your car seats

Ever wished your vehicle had leather seats? Car seat covers are an affordable way to upgrade your interior. Available in a variety of materials including leather, sheepskin, neoprene, velour and more, seat covers are designed to fit so securely that no one will ever suspect they aren’t sitting on the original factory seats. Car seat covers come in a variety of colors and patterns to perfectly match your interior or create a whole new look.


Custom seat covers

Are the outdoors type? A set of camouflage seat covers are the perfect accessory for the sportsman’s car, truck or SUV. Not only do they look great, they also come with bonus storage compartments on the back of the seat.  Camo is only of the one many customization options available. You can transform your boring, conventional car seats into something that better reflects your individual tastes and interests.


Towel seat covers

A trip to the beach is fun but also tough on your car seats. The old solution was to throw a beach towel over the seats for the drive home. Unfortunately, it rarely worked as planned. Towel seat covers are an ideal way to protect your seats from water, sand, and dirt. They are the perfect accessories for families and pet owners.

Whether you want to prevent your seats from getting stained or just freshen up your vehicle’s interior, car seat covers are a quick, affordable way to accomplish either goal. They are easy to install, look beautiful and protect the resale value of one of your biggest investments.