Truck Tents

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Camping can be an adventure but it can also be an ordeal. Many people pass up this time-honored experience rather than going to all the time and trouble of setting up tents or hauling a camper. Thanks to modern technology, you can hit the campground feeling confident that you will have an enjoyable, stress-free experience. With a truck tent, you can eliminate the stress and discomfort associated with camping. These tents are easy to use and, best of all, allow you to sleep comfortably and free of insects.


Easy to install

Struggling to put up a tent in the dark is enough to turn anybody off spending time in the great outdoors. Part of the convenience of roof top tents is how quickly they can be set up to accommodate even the pickiest camper. Within fifteen minutes you can be ready for a good nights sleep. The poles are color coded which means even the novice camper should have no trouble with installation. These fully enclosed pickup tents connect right to your vehicle, offering complete protection from bugs and the elements. You can find tents for almost every make and model of pickup truck or SUV.



Truck and SUV tents are engineered to withstand the extreme weather conditions you may encounter while camping. Constructed of heavy-duty polyester taffeta and oxford, these tents are rugged and waterproof. The support poles are made of fiberglass which ensures they won’t splinter and break during set up. The fine mesh windows strike the perfect balance between comfort and security by allowing sufficient airflow while keeping out flying insects.


Complete protection

Unlike conventional tents, roof top tents offer complete protection from all of the nuisances such as weather and bugs that can make a camping trip unpleasant. However, even the most durable camping equipment can suffer damage. That’s why most truck tents are backed by a 1-year manufacturers warranty. In the unlikely event that something happens to your truck or SUV tent, you can rest assured that you are covered.

Don’t let fear of what might go wrong keep you from experiencing nature firsthand. Truck tents take the stress out of camping. You’ll spend less time getting your accommodations ready and more time actually doing what you enjoy, such as hiking and fishing. Before you make your next trip to the campground, invest in a rooftop tent and transform your vehicle into an oasis in the wilderness.