3,000 Mile Daily Drive Car Tips Continued

Here are more Daily Drive car maintenance prevention tips do review every 3 months or 3,000 miles continued.  
Tire Pressure And Condition check the pressure of all  vehicle tires including the spare tire in the trunk. Make sure to keep an eye out on each tire for uneven wear patterns and look out for damage to  tire treads and sidewalls. Pay attention to the recommended tire pressure and replace damaged tires 
if needed.
Tire Treads the tire is worn out if the tread depth is 2/23” or less. If you drive in wet conditions then  a better limited is 4/32” tread.  Here is a easy way to check  the tread depth with a penny. Here is the rule, if the top of Lincoln’s head is covered then you still have 2/32” depth remaining. You can also do this tread measuring trick also with a quarter  which will tell you whether you have 4/32” tread left. 

Another 3,000 Miles Tip
Daily Driving Tips Car Tips 5,000 Miles

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