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We only sell the high quality custom tailor-made exterior and interior automotive aftermarket accessories.


Eventually we will expand the offering of hundreds of high quality made in the US automotive accessories on our website.


We are continually providing helpful tips to choose the right automotive accessory and provide useful automotive related hints to increase vehicle life of also to save time and money .


We guarantee and assure you that every single custom tailor made product is the highest quality and exceeds you expectations.

floor mats

At autosomething.com we have always prided ourselves in always providing the highest quality US made automotive aftermarket product available in the automotive industry. We have never offered one size fits all.

Every automotive aftermarket product that we feature on our website has always been custom made specifically for your vehicle no matter if you drive a car, truck or SUV you can be sure that your automotive accessory will always be made just for you.

We Proudly Sell Lloyd Mats

Lloyd Car, Truck and SUV floor mats are the highest quality automotive aftermarket floor mats available. Lloyd Mats has to largest selection of custom-made from the vehicle floor board dating back to 1950. There is no other floor mat company that has the range of licensed vehicle logos. There is no better and larger selection of thread and matching or contrasting binding any where. Whether you want to personalize your vehicle with your monogrammed initials, or embroider your name or for that extra personalized touch add your vehicle’s logo Lloyd floor mats is the best choice to not only to prevent and protect from vehicle damage but also show  he world your personal style.

This is a rough draft feel free to make improvements and of course, optimize.

Autosomething.com mission is to provide the highest quality custom and tailor made automotive aftermarket accessories designed specifically to protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Floor Mats Types

In particular, floor mats. When it comes to floor mats, their are two types of floor mats: ready made and custom tailor made. Ready made are floor mats that fit the floorboard area of any vehicle. Custom tailor made floor mats are specifically made for a particular vehicle and a pattern has to be created.

Floor Mat Protection

Floor mats are designed to protect the original OEM factory carpet. They protect the carpet from damage from daily use. Think about how many times do get into your vehicle a day, a month a year to drive. Everyday your shoes or boots track, mud, grease, grime road tar that could leave stains on the carpet that are impossible to get out.

Floor mats also protect original carpet from bald spots or wearing thin and also prevent rips and tears from your heel of a boot or shoes. Floor mats continue to protect your OEM factory carpet from rain, slush or snow that gets traced in on your shoes or boots snow melts and leaves moisture on your carpet. Where does the moisture go ? It is absorbed into the carpet creating mold that results in an ongoing mildew smell. Every time you get into your vehicle you smell that mildew odor no matter how much spray you use.

Floor Mat Benefits

Think about it, we spend some much money to pay off our vehicle we want it to last and look like new. When you purchase high quality floor mats you will reap the financial benefits ;you will save yourself tons of money from costly repair and expensive replacement. Plus years down the road when you trade or sell your vehicle no damage means you will get more money.


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